Friday, January 20, 2012

Ex-Chief to Lead Church

We arrived in Exeter a little over four years ago. It took us a while to find a new church family but finally we found our home at Frontiers Church Exeter. After a whole lot of soul searching we walked into a meeting at the start of the Spring term.

A highly gifted 26 year old was leading worship, a 58 year old bald man gave us the warmest of welcome's and a 23 year old was preaching from the flood in Genesis - the best young preacher I've ever heard by several miles. We met with God. We turned to each other after the meeting and smiled. We knew we were home.

And we knew that this four year old church was a place with both real depth and a phenomenal investment in raising up a new generation of leaders. Now, four years later that 23 year old is 27, his Rugby career is over, and will become our lead elder this Sunday.

He's five years younger than me and I'm thrilled to be led by him. I'd met him once before that first Sunday morning meeting - he was the church student worker then and had come round for lunch as I began to acquaint myself with the student scene in the city. Another man in a long line of church leaders converted at University! The transformation God has wrought in his life is brilliant to see. Evidently a large part of that had already happened before I first met him in late 2007, but his trajectory in maturity as a leader has continued strong. To us, it was obvious that he was the next leader of the church on that first Sunday morning, and we joined ourself to the church family knowing that we could rally behind him. He's become a friend and someone I'm very glad to have watching over me, caring for my soul and speaking Gods' word into my life and that of my family.
New Leader. New Season. from frontierschurchexeter on Vimeo.

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