Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everyday Church MP3s (Steve Timmis)

As a gospel principle my desire is not to hold on tight to God's gracious gifts, but to share them as widely as I can.
I think Marcus Honeysett taught me that.
When I managed to persuade Steve Timmis to to spend 48 hours with the UCCF South West team that meant looking for ways to open our doors.

Steve spent four sessions (including Q&A) with us as a team along with a number of guests. Additionally we were able to open our doors for an evening event for the Exeter CU and other members of local churches, and a breakfast for local church leaders. We recorded the sessions and I'm posting them here for your encouragement - find yourself over 8.5 hours to listen in. I'm deeply challenged and looking forward to implementing ideas that flow from Steve's rich Ecclesiocentric gospel theology.

Session 1 (80mins)
Session 2 (84mins)
Session 3 (90mins)
Everyday Church Evening Talk (53mins)
Everyday Church Evening Q&A (30mins)
Church Leaders Breakfast - Talk and Q&A  (94mins)
Session 4 (90mins)

There were great moments about forgiving because we're forgiven, welcoming because we're welcome, finding your true rest in Jesus not in your home. How to gospel one another. I love that gospel community is a phenomenon, inexplicable without the gospel of Jesus, where you find yourself doing things you don't like with people you don't like.... and the thought that The New Creation is The Church.

Steve Timmis is involved in leading The Crowded House churches in Sheffield, and is the director of Acts 29 in Western Europe, in addition to being the co-author (with Tim Chester) of Total Church and Everyday Church.


  1. Thanks for sharing these Bish! Very excited to get stuck in to them. I think Session 4 link just takes you to same audio as Session 1 though.

  2. Really enjoyed evening talk but struggling with sound quality on others. But great gospel community stuff we need to hear ...