Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All that I have I share with you!

We enjoyed witnessing the beginning of the marriage of Harri and Chris on Saturday, it was great to share their wedding day with them. Our friend Mike led the service, his rich and booming voice relishing the opportunity to have Christ proclaimed through the vows and commitments of a wedding.

It was particularly poignant to be reminded that when a couple make their vows to one another its like the commitment Christ makes with his church, it's like when someone becomes a Christian - to take all that is ours, and give us all that he is. And you can bet he makes that vow with even more joy than a couple of their wedding. Not to mention that the proclamation that no man put this union asunder is another way of saying, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

That we can be wed to our Saviour is unspeakably beautiful, to enter into such a union as to make us one with our Saviour, and to know that union leads to a very real and experiential communion with him. Vivid reminder of the gospel reminds me to be attentive to my Saviour to entrust myself to him, opening my heart to him as Jeremiah Burroughs notes: "One converted to God lets out his heart into God in a fuller manner than any creature can do to another." 

When I entrust myself to my Saviour, letting out my heart to him, then I truly love him, honour and worship him. The brides submission is her entrusting of herself to her husband, and in that she knows most truly his love. She will no longer have doubt or insecurity that he will cast her aside, for she knows him. And as we entrust ourselves to him, so: "Christ rejoices, and his very heart even springs forth, to present his church to his Father. He says, “Father, behold my spouse that I have married to myself.”"

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  1. It warms the heart to hear of these things! O that I would entrust myself to my saviour! I think you've hit the nail on the head with submission too: entrusting ourselves to Christ that we might truly know his love. Makes you realise that 'Wives submit to your husbands' is a wonderful thing.