Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard Sibbes for Today

Over the past year or so I've been working on some lightly edited and modernised versions of material by the sweet puritan Richard Sibbes. I've self-published two volumes which you can order online via

The Sunshine of the Gospel (151 pages. £4.99 + p&p) is a foundational introduction to warm Sibbesian thinking. Catch his emphasis on Christ, and on the heart being changed with these seven sermons on Josiah, on the Matchless Love of Christ, on The Song of Songs and on Lydia's heart being opened.

A Fire Kindled from Heaven (125 pages, £4.50 + p&p) builds on the first volume by bringing you some of Sibbes loveliest material on The Song of Songs.

P&P works out at about £3 if you just buy one book reducing to £2 per book for two... and if you buy 25 books it drops to about 69p per book etc. Lulu often have discount codes available that can take 15-25% off the price. Google for them. Use code CYBERWEEKUK305 at the checkout to save 25% off book price until 28/11/11

Covers designed by James Watts. Inevitably self-published books have some glitches in them so please bear with that :)

Reviews online: Admiral Creedy's Review of The Sunshine of the Gospel
Cat Caird's review of The Sunshine of the Gospel


  1. If you've read either of these, do post a review in comments or link to your own review elsewhere!

  2. 20% off in November 2011 with code "NOVBOOKS11"