Saturday, October 22, 2011

JESUS: Transformission 2011 MP3s

Students from across the South West and many friends met in Exeter to be transformed for mission. Mike Reeves brought the word of the Lord to us concerning Jesus. Listen here:
1.Who is Jesus - is your God Jesus-less? See why many thing that joy is found without god but why real life is found in Jesus.

2.What has Jesus done - do you really know the gospel? Challenging simplistic gospel outlines with a beautiful portrayal of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. Plus a brilliant illustration of the gospel from child-birth... plus an intruiging observation that most Gentiles who joined God's people joined royal Judah... except one in 1 Chronicles... but who was it?

3. How does Jesus really feel about you? Inspired by the tender puritan Thomas Goodwin's writing on The Heart of Christ. At our worst and weakest, Jesus is most for us.

"Men call me Probus, my real name is Christian"

I'm thankful for Mike's service, he's a humble brother who is ahead of me in Christ but thankfully he's a first class preacher who brings the Christ he knows to us. Thankful also for Suzanne from IFES, Louise from Student Alpha, Jenny from Friends International and Peter from Cor Deo who exhibited, Owen and his band, James for selling books, the UCCF team who served selflessly, and the students who made it all happen.

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