Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Sub-Atomic Particle That Was Caught Speeding (or, what could convince Philip Pullman to believe in God)

BBC takes five minutes with Philip Pullman in which he speaks of his love of storytelling and plot - which I love, life is a story. We all have a story to make sense of life's big questions - about how we got here, about what (if anything) is wrong with the world, about how to fix things, about where we're going... What's your story?

Ian McEwan gives Bryony Tallis a tragic story that she wants to give a haappy ending, but can just make up a story. Facts and evidence matter. And experience.

Pullman admits that it's not a rational argument that could convince him to believe in God but rather a direct experience (which suggests its his experience of a lack of experience of God that means he doesn't believe) - experience drives so much of what we believe!... and of the stories we love.

 Meanwhile, four minutes with Brian Cox on the particles that might have been caught speeding: Brian Cox on the possible rewriting of a century of physics. I'm guessing we'll find that there was an error in the experiment but it's worth checking it out. What if something happens that doesn't fit with what we know? What can we do... check the evidence thoroughly but also be prepared to see our world turned upside down. What if people met a man who had died and now appeared to be alive? What if the evidence stacked up and you had to re-write the story you previously had? Would you investigate the evidence for yourself?. What might you uncover?

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