Friday, September 16, 2011

Spirit Break Out and 10000 Reasons

This week I've been enjoying the recent worship albums from Matt Redman and Worship Central. The roots of both albums are the youthful Spirit-filled life of Soul Survivor church and festivals, though both are now more directly connected to Holy Trinity Brompton or it's Brighton church plant St Peters. This is what comes out of the Church of England at it's best.

We've been using some of the Redman songs in church and last week at UCCF Forum, and I'm taken by them - songs like Bless the Lord O My Soul (or, 10000 reasons) are melodic worship songs that allow the heart to be lifted, and Here For You is the heart's cry to meet with God. I also love We could change the world - what if the gospel is as good as it seems...

Spirit Break Out has a slightly different feel - it's a more edgy live album, and features several different lead musicians from the Worship Central collective - and even a bit of Graham Kendrick's Shine Jesus Shine turned into a rap by Myles Dhillon - a welcome revival of his great lyrics that call for the Spirit to blaze in our hearts and our nation. Songs like Ben Cantelon's Saviour of the World are great expressions of the greatness of Jesus, and the title track gives words and music to express my desires.

Personally I'm still waiting for the next Matt Giles album but in the mean time these two offer some great new songs about the old old story. They serve the church because the people of the Triune God are a singing people.


  1. Glad you're loving some of the new Worship Music CDs out there, Dave!

    "This is what comes out of the Church of England at it's best." - you're right... but we offer more than worship music!

    Hope God really spoke to you and blessed you at Forum. Will be praying for you this year mate :)

  2. Best of c of e is lots of things, my boss is another example.

    Forum was outstanding.