Monday, September 05, 2011

#FORUM2011: Leaders in Mission

 Today 121 students, six staff and seven Relay from the South West will join with around 900 others at this year's FORUM conference. This is a leaders conference for students, to equip them for mission. A leader in that case isn't someone who has a "job" in a Christian Union but someone who is on mission, influencing others, leading the line to win students to Jesus and see the local churches built.

You'll be able to follow along at #forum2011 and UCCF on Facebook where I'd expect an outpouring of social media. I'm camping so subject to getting access to enough power I'll tweet along.

Teaching will be delivered by CU staff - I'm co-leading a track with Jo Larcombe and Cat Caird on Being Disciples of our Transforming God which will be an adventure into espousal and adoption theology applied to our lives and mission. Worship will be led by Canterbury CU Staff / City Church Canterbury worship leader Olly Knight. And we'll be joined by guest speakers Mark Meynell and Becky Pippert. I'm looking forward to catching up with Adrian Holloway who'll be a guest during the week ahead of his involvement in student mission this term.

I'm looking forward to praying for the spread of the good news about Jesus. I'm looking forward to everything about it. This will be my 12th time at Forum and I love the way it's shaped students lives, launches us into effective mission in Freshers week and beyond. I love that some CU's send 20-30 students along to catch the vision.

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  1. Have a blessed time. Will be following the twitter and praying for you all that you may be refueled by the Spirit; that you'd be blessed by Him in order to be a blessing to others and claim campuses for Christ :)

    And just in relation to the video you posted, seems like a lot of us bloggers are posting about evangelism. I wrote a post yesterday on it:

    Hope someone on here might find it useful, but it links nicely with the video!