Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everyone is Welcome

Have a watch of Bill Hybels wonderfully generous response to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultze' withdrawal from speaking at his Leadership Summit.
Book: In dealing with his friend, Hybels is gracious - letting him out of a commitment, encouraging people to back his company and suggesting that they send some encouraging emails to drown out the vitriol. To his 'opponents' Hybels appeals for understanding, dialogue, reconciliation - or at least respect, and states that where a closed door has been perceived really it is open. His appeal for people to build relationship rather than make assumptions about others is very helpful too. And he recommends Onward by Howard Schultz. One for my wishlist.


  1. i was there and that moment itself made the trip worthwhile.

  2. Deeply instructive. O to cultivate that kind of attitude to others - so serving and blessing and gracious.