Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nigel Lee Archive at Living Leadership

Living Leadership is building an online archive of the preaching of the late Nigel Lee (1946-2006). They say:
"he left very little by way of writing, he was a preeminent missionary statesman of the latter half of the 20th century and a prince among Bible teachers. His legacy is in the transformed lives of countless individuals around the world, and a huge number of evangelists and preachers whom he befriended, encouraged, mentored and passed the torch to."
Nigel worked with OM and with UCCF and I had the honour of working on a CU mission with him at Reading in 2000/1. I last heard him preach at our 2003 student leaders conference, in my first year on our staff team. Living Leadership have uploaded over thirty sermons uploaded thus far with more to come. In his obituary for Nigel Living Leadership director Marcus Honeysett noted:
"When Nigel Lee first discovered he had life-threatening cancer he said to a friend ‘this is when people get to see if I really believe all I’ve been preaching about all these years.’ We have. He did. And now he is with the Lord in the glory of eternity and the famous Lee smile is broader than ever."
John Risbridger says: "Nigel Lee (my former boss in UCCF) inspired me to try and preach in a way that connects with people and communicates passion for God." Go enjoy the Nigel Lee archive.

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