Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Worst Messiah Ever?

Chris Oldfield on Jonah 3 - Resurrection & Repentance.
A good use of 30 minutes as Chris equips a group of students with the gospel.... connecting up Luke 24, Jonah 3 and Song of Songs 8.... 
the story of the most rubbish preacher, and the worst Messiah ever who drowned who got thrown into the sea, who got strung upon on a cross, worst rescue plan ever, the worst idea ever... the God who loves... we know a kind God.


  1. Top class! Got the message, got the care for the students and got the authenticity.

    Slightly incidentally, the mission as part of the Gospel got my thinking about 1 Tim 3:16 which has spent a lot of time in my head recently:

    Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness:

    He was manifested in the flesh,
    vindicated by the Spirit,
    seen by angels, [incarnation, cross, resurrection]
    proclaimed among the nations,
    believed on in the world,
    taken up in glory. [mission in the context of the ascension]

    (cf. Rom 1:1-6)