Sunday, June 19, 2011

Knowing the Heart Melting Love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

On Father's Day, on Trinity Sunday... let the gospel resound.

"Collect together all the expressions of God's love to you, and let them lie glowing at your hearts, and melt them." Jeremiah Burroughs, Hosea p182.

"How wonderful to call You Father, How merciful my Father's love. I might have hoped to be Your servant, But You delight to call me son." Matt Giles, How Wonderful

Paul prays that we'll know the full dimensions of the love of God in Christ... Sibbes calls for us to be swallowed up in the love of God. Calvin says that needs for us to be participating in the Spirit. Peter says it's about participating in the divine nature. Moses says we're just the same as everyone else if God doesn't go with us. Jesus says I will always be with you. Jesus prays Abba. The Spirit says Abba. The Father says, "Son, come in to the party".

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