Monday, June 13, 2011

I fear that many of our prayers are lost

Jeremiah Burroughs writes on Hosea 3, of how the gospel means seeking King David... which Burroughs concludes means Christ, great David's greater son. From his commentary p195:
"None can seek God rightly but through Christ, they must seek God in Christ.... You know no God out of Christ, none but he that was in the lap of Mary, and sucked her breastsl he means, none out of him. We must not, we should not, dare to look upon God but through Christ, and seek him together with David. This is the evangelical way of seeking God; when we have sinned, if there be any way of help, it must be by seeking a merciful God; thus far nature goes and msot people go no farther; yea, most Christians, though they have the name of Christ in their mouths, yet their hearts go no father than natural principles carry them. But the seeking God in Christ, is the true spiritual and evangelical way, "the mystery of godliness," to present a Mediator to God every time we come into his presence. I fear that many of our prayers are lost for want of this. There is much fasting and prayer through God's mercy amongst us, and I would to God there were no abatement; but though we ask, Will God leave his people when there is such a spirit of prayer? let us know, if it be not a seeking God in his Son, it is our own spirits rather than the Spirit of God. We may be earnest in prayer and cry mightily to God, yet if we take not up his Son in the arms of faith, and present him to the Father, thousands of prayers and fasting days must be all lost for want of this. The truth is, we must not depend so much on our prayers, though we are to rejoice and bless God that there is much prayer; but God's dealings towards us seem as if he would take us off, not from the practice of prayer, but from relyying on it, to rely upon free grace in Christ alone. As this is the supernatural seeking of God, so it is the most powerful.... We seek him because he is merciful, that is one way yea, we seek him because he has promised mercy, this is a step higher, but we must go higher yet, we must look to his Son, in whom all promises are Yea and Amen; otherwise, though we seek him never so earnestly though we challenges his promises, and cry to him to remember then, yet if we do not act our faith on his Son, we may altogether fail."
In Christ alone my hope is found. If we would be Christ, if we would be Triune, if we would be evangelical... look not to self, look not to my heart and my desires, look not to some generic god, but let me look to Christ.

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