Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Christianity that does not need the Spirit of Christ?

"These men devise a Christianity that does not need the Spirit of Christ. [Paul] holds out no hope of blessed resurrection unless we feel the Spirit dwelling in us (Rom 8:11). These men invent a hope devoid of such a feeling.... they will answer that they do not deny we ought to be endowed with the Spirit; but that it is a matter of modesty and humility not to be sure of it.... it is a token of the most miserable blindness to charge with arrogance Christians who dare to glory in the presence of the Holy Spirit, without which glorying Christianity itself does not stand! But, actually, they declare by their own example, how truly Christ spoke: "My Spirit was unknown to the world; he is recognsied only by those among whom he abides (John 14:17)"

Says who? Don't google it.


  1. Sounds like Calvin (he was always in dialogue/defence.. "these men", punchy and never uninvolved, peppered with Bible verses), and I know you're reading him too.

  2. Too easy eh. Calvin vs. the scholastics, though not really what most would expect of "cold" Calvin.