Friday, May 13, 2011

Why doesn't God make himself clearer?

I've been down to Falmouth Uni and up to Oxford Uni in the last week or so to speak to the question Why doesn't God make himself clearer? (Download mp3, Oxford version)
It's a new subject for me and I'm still sharpening the material, appreciating Q&A and feedback. Managed to miss a paragraph out of my intro and didn't say some other things I'd planned either, at Oxford today which is a shame. A last minute switch from a printed passage to a gospel-book made it slightly tricky to find my place on the page occasionally... I'm trying to make minimal use of notes to improve the flow of speaking and eyecontact, means learning it in advance and keeping it simple and rooted in the Bible text (here, Luke 10:20-11:13).  Pic is our venue today before people arrived, at The Mitre pub, Oxford. 

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  1. Thought it was great Dave! Nice to meet you, thanks for coming to speak :) Chris