Saturday, May 07, 2011

No sea can quench Your jealous, raging flame

Matt Giles has written an excellent new song on the jealous love of Christ for his bride.
It picks up the themes that Ray Ortlund explores in his outstanding book God's Unfaithful Wife (quite possibly my favourite book).

Matt Giles: We are your church (follow link to lyrics & mp3 & chord sheet)


  1. ooo i love that line.
    speaking on jonah next week, would it be possible to get an audio of the song? im convinced jonah's about resurrection & repentance somehow - the israelite who's plunged into the sea to save some and raised from the sea to save nations; by the LORD's love that's stronger than the grave which raises jonah from the waters which cannot quench his love for israel or ninevah, who have never known loving kindness but respond immediately (more like israel should) where israel's (jonah's) lips confess they know the LORD, he's storing up wrath for himself, not realising God's loving kindness to the nations is meant to lead him to repentance. Something like that going on.

    This song would be spot on if I could get a hold of it. Rare too. Thanks for inspiring him.

  2. Audio on Matt's blog plus guitar sheets.