Sunday, May 08, 2011

Help! I'm scared of dying (Luke 8:40-56)

I had the honour of preaching Christ for the church this morning on the first of a four week Biblefresh series in Luke's gospel. Download mp3 from our website: Dave Bish - Luke 8:40-56

Thirty churches across our city preached from Luke 8:40-56 today, 29 brothers and sisters proclaiming Christ in our city. 
Have a google for some of the other versions. I've had a listen to Jonny Elvin at Trinity, Collette at Riverside, Chris Keane at St Leonards, Alan Bailyes at Pinhoe Road, John Campbell an Belmont. Different approaches to the same text, suitable to the preacher and their contexts no doubt. 


  1. Be good to know if anything especially warmed you, but I'm glad it did, twas my aim, tis always, though often I miss the mark.

  2. I think the way he handles himself, particularly with the woman in the crowd, going to all those lengths to pick her out. Making the effort to go to Jairus' house...when you point out that he could have healed from a distance, he didn't need to draw the woman out of the crowd, his kindness overflows. And in all that he's revealing his father. Love it.