Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the morning you shall see the glory of the LORD

I'm using Ron Frost's approach to reading through the Bible around 10 chapters a day, and underlining the things that strike me. That's meant being in Exodus 16 only six days after I was in Genesis 1 - really helps to see the recurring themes. Such as....

The week of creation has days that run, unlike our darkness to darkness days, from evening to morning - darkness to light. Light always triumphing but then darkness returns, awaiting the day when The Light that shone before the sun will go on to shine forever.

In Exodus 16 Moses speaks from the LORD to his people in a chapter that is laced with the language of Genesis 1, in reference to evening and morning, to sixth days and seventh days:
“At evening you shall know the LORD brought you out of Egypt, in the morning you shall see the glory of the LORD" Exodus 16:6-7
How is that? How does the evening reveal that it was the LORD who brought them out of Egypt? The sun goes down, the darkness rises... In the short term.... In the evening quail come up - revealing that the LORD brought them out? Reminding them of the dark night in which they were driven out of Egypt. The dark night in which blood was shed and life was received...

How does the morning reveal his glory?  In the morning dew, fine as frost - revealing the LORD's glory? Salvation and glory displayed by providing food to eat? The sun rises and daily bread from heaven comes. A new day, the triumph of light over darkness. What love! He who first fed his people in the garden will sustain them again. He will give them good food and life, taste and see!.

Surely points beyond itself too, right? Beyond this to the darkness of the death of the Son that reveals that it was the LORD who brought his people out of Egypt, and out of the slavery of their sin? And beyond this to the Sunday morning when the LORD's glory was revealed in the resurrection of the Son? The LORD reveals his salvation and shows his glory less in absolute power and more in his self-giving love that gives us life...

Another day begins as the sunsets, and the sun rises... the heavens declaring the glory of God (and the cursed frustration too), directing my gaze to the true light that is the life of men, the one whose glory is seen in the evening and the morning.


  1. I love this post, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am interested to know how long it takes you to read thru 10 chapters that way?

  2. Around half an hours reading, so fairly rapid, and its reading not study.