Friday, April 29, 2011

Who am I?

‎"If you want to know me 
don't look up my IQ or Myers-Briggs, 
study me in the company of 
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." 
Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, p307

I find strategy and management tools helpful, but for every one look at them, I need ten looks at Christ. And of course, as I grow in my knowledge of Christ, then as Calvin notes in the opening of his Institutes, I'll grow in my knowledge of self. At heart we're relational beings, living with broken relationships and through the gospel we come to live in the relationships of the Triune God, and consequently into deeper relationship with one another.

I have strategies and priorities for the term ahead, but above all my goal is the pursuit of relationship with the Triune God, and then to invest in my relationship with my wife, my son, the five Staff I have the honour of supervising, the members of my home group, a small number of students in the region, others in the church, and those beyond the church with whom I have relationships too - whether those I'll encounter briefly as a visiting speaker as I pass through somewhere, or those who I'll count as friends. In all cases, longing to be who I am in God, and to see others drawn into that same roomy fellowship... not by my great winsomeness, but through my Saviour who wins me, and has promised to take many into his (and my!) Father's house.

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