Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heartfelt Christianity: Delighted by God Conference

Cordeo & UCCF Theology Network are co-hosting this great looking conference in London on June 4th at All Souls. The guys running this are great and I highly recommend it to you.

A blogger commented that its good in the UK that we don't lead with names but with content. So, this conference is about Christ and his word and your heart enjoying him. Cordeo and UCCF Theology Network should mean a burning passion for Christ and so should the four guys who you may or may not have heard of who are speakinng - Peter Sanlon, Mike Reeves, Peter Mead and Ron Frost. And the conference is free.

See also: Delighted by God: Facebook Event


  1. Do you have to register or do you just turn up?

  2. My guess is, given it's free - just turn up. Though an Attending at the fb event will probably encourage them!