Monday, March 28, 2011

How does the LORD allure us?

Adapted from puritan Jeremiah Burroughs on Hosea 2:14 'I will allure her'. Our LORD allures us with himself in his gospel. Our LORD says:
I will open the beauty and excellency of the infiniteness of my grace and goodness and set it before them to allure them. I will spread before their souls the beauty of my Christ.
My people pursued their lovers.

They went after KPMG, PwC and Lloyds TSB; for money offered comfort and control. They went after celebrity gossip, social media status and pornography; for they offer intimacy. They went after H&M and Ben & Jerrys and HDTV; for retail therapy, over-priced ice-cream and Brian Cox talking science break the numbness of life.

Did their lovers offer comfort and gain, honour and respect? Yes – but I will bid more. I bid more and will so persuade their hearts that they shall come to enjoy more in me that they possibly could enjoy with all their lovers. Then my gospel will have its full and gracious effect in the hearts of men and women, in finding all that the world can bid is out bidden.
The gospel outbids all other lovers. Christ outbids all. He himself is more wonderful and beautiful.
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