Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does God have a wife?

When Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou asks on the BBC 'Does God have a wife?'  the answer is surely something like this:
...the Father sent the Son into the world to give himself up for his bride, for the Father loved his Son and did not want his Son to be alone but to have a wife who could enter into the roomy life of the Triune God. This bride is a people gathered from all the peoples of the world who are not royal in themselves but become glorious by virtue of their marriage to the king who loves them. Kate Middleton wont be Queen because she's worth it but because our future king loves her and marries her - so with the church - Christ is our glory, though indeed we will be his! And today the Son is betrothed to the church and there is going to be the most phenomenal of weddings at the climax of history - so Francesca,  do you know our beloved (and if not can I tell you more about him), and would you like to seek him with us, and would you like to be at the wedding?
Consequently, it makes sense that the answer to the question: what is the message of the Bible? would be this: "The Lover of our souls won’t let the romance die, but is rekindling it forever." (Ray Ortlund)

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