Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some lessons from our Staff Conference

I spent four days near Kidderminster last week with the rest of our national staff team, with speakers Mike Reeves, Ellis Potter and John Lennox.
  • The importance of meeting with God
  • There is a throne and God is on it
  • Think hard, don't forget your University subject, Christianity isn't mindless. 
  • Good evangelism doesn't mean you need to be an expert, but being able to understand arguments is very helpful. Seeing the faults in the New Atheism isn't that difficult.
  • The Trial of Jesus is told in detail and repeatedly for a reason.
  • Preaching is meant to affect the heart. Loved talking through the implications of Jonathan Edwards with colleagues.
  • A question is a gift
  • Reading the Old Testament with the assumption that redemption is through Christ is good
  • God's glory is his spreading love in the gospel
  • It's a real honour to serve with my colleagues in UCCF.
  • There aren't many evangelicals in Slovenia or Ireland
Two key moments for me:
  1. Leon from Slovenia saying that at his Uni (in Australia) as a non-Christian it was hard to not get invited to a Bible Study in his first year. Through that he became a Christian. Not sure how many Universities here that could be said of - time to step up to the plate.
  2. When does the first evangelism happen in the Bible? Ellis Potter asked. It's God in Genesis 3 asking "where are you?" - he came with questions to search for us. 

These guys were also there:Cat Hare and Sarah Dawkins

  1.  More on John Lennox at and  The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics
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  3. More from Mike Reeves at

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