Friday, December 03, 2010

Transformission mp3 Series (Mike Reeves)

Over the past four years we've been gathering students for our one day Transformission conference in Exeter. We've dealt with some weighty subjects but not for the sake of increasing our knowledge but to hear the good news about Jesus again, to repent and believe and to have our hearts warmed and by the Spirit, to be transformed for mission. Each year Mike Reeves has joined us as our speaker.

Load up your iPod with these 12 mp3s. Why not get some friends to do the same - work your way through them together, feed your heart and mind and life with the gospel.

1. Enjoying the cross (1)
2. Enjoying the cross (2)
3. Enjoying the cross (3)
4. The Word of God (1): The Most Valuable Word
5. The Word of God (2): The Christian Word
6. The Word of God (3): External Word
7. Union with Christ (1)
8. Union with Christ (2)
9. Union with Christ (3)
10. Love of God (1): The Loving Father
11. Love of God (2): The Glorious Son
12. Love of God (3): The Heart-melting Spirit

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  1. Dave, Thanks for all the rich resources that you provide on your blog! Blessings!