Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reading Jesus into the Bible?

Any decent evangelical reader of John's gospel knows that 20:31 is the key to the book - it's where John gives his "author's purpose" to be giving us good cause to believe in Jesus the Christ & Son of God. Consequently we're happy to use this to interpret events many chapters earlier. It's sensible, right?

So how come, when Jesus says in John 5 (Bible chapter 1002) that Moses wrote about Jesus we're afraid to let that shape our reading of things in Bible chapter 1 (Genesis 1) or countless other parts of the Old Testament. We're told when it's done within John it's considered to be reading in context, but if you do it to the Old Testament you're reading into the text?

What's the difference? Ok, multiple human authors involved, but it's the same Holy Spirit inspired Scripture which is meant to make us wise for salvation? And that's the kind of salvation that only comes by calling upon the name of the Lord who came to give his life up and to die so that forgiveness would be preached to the nations. If Moses didn't write about Jesus he has no business being a Scripture writer, and if he did then we should probably notice and pay attention rather than pretend he's not there...

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