Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Love the Gospel Weekend

Home from a weekend of preaching Christ to my own heart in the company of the Cardiff University Christian Union. Four sessions aiming to be a love the gospel weekend. Mp3s:

1. Do you know the welcome of God? (Mark 15) - 34mins
2. What is Christian maturity? (Galatians 2/3) - 53mins
3. How is your relationship with God? (Galatians 3/4) - 40mins
4. Your new heart's desire (Galatians 5) - 42mins

I was speaking from outlines instead of scripts. This gives an extra freedom in speaking but I think it tends to add about 15% to the length of the talk. Here I also added a 5min intro mini-sermon each time on the purpose of preaching to set our expectations for the weekend, and illustrate where I'm coming from. Whether I made either of those calls right is up for grabs. I'm working through them again for another CU next weekend.

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