Friday, December 31, 2010

God with us

When Jesus dies the curtain of the temple is torn open and Jesus enters the heavenly tabernacle to offer his once for all sacrifice of himself, so all God’s people may come with confidence into his presence . He is raised from the dead. Before returning to his Father, he breathes on his people and fills them with his Holy Spirit sending them out as he was sent, in his Father’s love. They will know God with them, when they’re persecuted , as they go to the ends of the earth, and to the end of the age, sent with God to fill all nations with his love. God with us.

This loving people are built together into a new temple where the Father makes his home on earth by the Spirit . They are called the church, a people who make their home in God and ‘God’s seed’ (Jesus) makes his home in them; as he fills everything with himself . The church is an ever present foretaste of a day when God will come and dwell in a renewed creation where there will be no temple, for God himself will be the temple .

Once unable to see God they now gaze upon Christ with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of God – that is his love - in the gospel , as the Spirit shines his light into their hearts and transforms them . They thirst for the day when they will see God face to face in his renewed world where they will not come to a mountain but to Jesus , though some still desert God .

In the gospel God has come to us and will come to us, in his love he is with us, and will be with us, and when we finally see him face to face we will be truly be like him, participating in the loving community of God. The renewed universe is a place where God lives with a people who live to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ .

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