Wednesday, December 29, 2010

God in relationship

This is the third of five posts telling the Bible's story, God in the present tense.

In the tent the LORD meets with his people, via priests, who will repeatedly offer sacrifices and cautiously go into the presence of God on behalf of the people . They remain outside of the land, but God meets them in the tent . God at home with his people.

In the land, David their king has designs to build a temple in place of the tent . His son will do it, and God chooses to make his dwelling there, though he is not confined to it . God in relationship.

King Uzziah charges into the temple uninvited . When Uzziah dies the prophet Isaiah sees a vision of Jesus on the throne , high and lifted up . Refusing to listen to those God sends to them. God removes his presence from the temple , and the model of heavenly reality becomes an empty building. God-departed.

In exile God still meets with some of his people, appearing in visions, with his people in their trials, but it’s all a shadow of what they’d seen before. When the exile ends, a foreign king sends them back to rebuild a temple which is never more than a shadow of what came before.

Will God ever dwell with his people again?

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