Thursday, December 30, 2010

God in people. People in God.

Then, at just the right time , God comes to dwell again with his people . Not in a canvas tent or a stone temple but in a human body and now people begin to see more than Moses ever saw, as the One who had dwelt with his Father comes to walk our streets . He is called Jesus, and he is called God with us. Heaven is torn open and we see that he lives in the present favour of his Father, and is anointed with the Holy Spirit. This man calls himself the true temple, the dwelling place of God, and promises that if he is destroyed he will be rebuilt to intercede for his people by the power of his indestructible life .

As he prepares to face destruction on the cross he promises to prepare a place for his people where they will live with his Father . Seeing Jesus they have seen the Father . Jesus sends one like himself who will not just live with them, but within them catching them up into the Son’s own relationship with his loving Father where the will cry ‘Daddy’. God in people, people in God.

The Son must die so his people can live through him, knowing himself and his Father forever . No love is like the Father’s love to send his Son for us in the power of the Spirit. In the Son’s death the Triune God becomes eternally favourable toward his people, bearing the jealousy that should have burned against humanity and lavishing great love upon us.

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