Tuesday, December 28, 2010

God in close proximity

Seth and Enoch and Noah walk with God but as they spread the world is filled with violence rather than the goodness and love of God . Noah’s family are gathered into a box to escape judgment and everything begins again as they stand at the centre of a formless and empty world . God remembers his new humanity, though Noah is soon shamed in his tent - and we wait for God to do something deeper in his people.

As the world is repopulated men seem keener to dethrone God than to know him . The LORD appears to Abram sending him to look for a city built by God , where his offspring will live. While he waits he meets with God as he builds altars. One night the Word comes to him , reminding him of promises, and walking between the divided pieces of sacrifices. In fire and smoke Abram knows God.

His family becomes a nation, exiled and enslaved, until God remembers and returns to meet with them. Jesus saves this people out of Egypt and brings them to his Father at the mountain . He speaks with his people to prepare them for his Father to shows Moses the pattern for a tent where they will meet with him. This tent looks like a garden , with curtains embroidered with angels , all very evocative of Eden.

The leaders get a taste of meeting with God, eating a fellowship meal with him , while Moses sees Jesus face to face, talking to him as with a friend , he longs to see the Father and gets a glimpse of his back. While it is impossible to see the Father and live yet it is the loving and personal presence of God with his people that makes them distinct from all other peoples. The Holy Spirit is among them . God in close proximity.

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