Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Father would intervene

ht: Chris Oldfield from Episode 2 of The Nativity, BBC. 22:00-23:40 mins. Available til 30th Dec. A bit of Galatians 4, a twist of Luke 15...?

Wise Man: Do you believe in God, Balthazaar? as what? a presence? an intellect? someone who created the world & moved on or someone who stayed, watching over us, as a Father? There was a time when it seems the God of Abraham intervened…[sodom, manna, exodus]

Balthazaar: but the days of God's intervention are long past - little more than stories

Wise Man: but isn't that how you deal with a child? nurturing them with constant presence; teaching them to make their own way in the world; making rules so that when the time comes, you let the child go. Because the Father no longer intervenes in the lives of his children, does that mean he's no longer there?

Balthazaar: No of course not

Wise Man: But what if the child had lost his way, or forgotten the things he was taught?

Balthazaar: the Father would intervene

Wise Man: Wouldn't you?