Sunday, December 12, 2010

A different kind of 'gospel'

Spent the weekend with the Bath Spa University Christian Union, getting into The Gospel together.

Everyone has "a gospel" of course... On Friday lunchtime I'd been on a tour of a Synagogue in London. Positively it was great to see their priority for community and family, and yet in may ways it was so empty. A devotion to the Pentateuch with no Messianic hope. Like Jesus said - they read but miss him, or in Paul's words the veil remains and they're blind to see the glory of God in the face of Jesus the Christ.

This weekend my hope was that we'd come with broken and repentant hearts to behold Christ in the gospel. And by the grace of God I think that's what happened. I'll reflect more on it but I was helped to remember that God reveals his power and glory most of all not with a punch-your-lights-out display of strength nor a god who is our accuser or adversary but rather the Triune God who sends and gives and loves and lays himself down for us.

How different the Triune God is to any other god. How different the gospel is - not a lifestyle choice, not a system of beliefs, but the answer to the problem of sin and answer to the problem 'that it is not good for man to be alone'.

In the gospel we hear an invitation into relationship from the Father who loved and so sent his loving Son and the Spirit of the Son to us. An invitation not to be snatched and taken and forced but received freely. Received by faith. What is faith? Not intellectual assent but a response to the heart to seeing beauty. Call it trust, call it beholding, call it worship, call it being apprehended by the Triune God as he comes to us in the gospel.

MP3's to follow.

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