Thursday, November 04, 2010

Passionate Justice

One of the questions in Isaiah is the cause of justice.
I think I've been raised in my culture to think often of justice as dispassionate and that God is dispassionate, and yet justice in the Bible, and particularly in the Isaiah looks more like defending the oppressed, it looks like love and it is strong and passionate, in favour of the victim and burning against the offender. This is fighting justice. This is what you'd expect from a passionate God, right?

This kind of justice will be the end of the enemies of God (I'm seeing that strongly in Exodus too) which is great news for the oppressed but not so good for those who are oppressors of people, of truth, of God, unless somehow the Father takes upon himself what his jealous love for his scorned Son deserves. If only instead of me being led to slaughter he could take my place...

Thinking about upcoming opportunities for student mission Lindsay Brown says in his Christian Persuaders podcast that the top five issues to engage are meaning, freedom, intimacy, forgiveness and hope, and then he adds justice as a sixth key issue to speak into. Somehow questions should be raised and answered - and to be able to speak from God of justice that isn't dispassionate but which fights for the oppressed is surely a powerful apologetic, and an answer to accusations that Christianity is all about powerplay.

I hope to get Tim Keller's Generous Justice soon. And it's worth reading Kevin DeYoung on The Poor and Social Justice and Seven passages on social justice.

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