Monday, November 08, 2010

If any young man reads this Book aright, he becomes large-hearted

The Bible is a heart-changing book when we rightly understand it, and therefore draw from it always Christ, Christ, Christ:

"You understand the Scripture if you make everything of the Lord Jesus Christ; if you believe on him with all your heart, and then yield yourselves up to him in his own way.... You have not read your Bible so as to understand it to the full, unless you have learned to be happy by a sweet resting in Jesus. 
I think you have not understood the Bible unless it makes you care about the salvation of others; for this Ethiopian nobleman, when he got home, I have no doubt, spread the gospel throughout his native land: he was, probably, the founder of the Abyssinian Church. If any young man reads this Book aright, he becomes large-hearted, he cannot hold his soul within the narrow bound of his ribs, but his great heart looks out to see where it can scatter benefits." 
From Spurgeon on Acts 8.

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  1. Good old Spurgeon! Thanks for this, Dave.