Wednesday, November 03, 2010

High and Lifted up: Subversive Gospel Logic

Spent today being walked through Isaiah. In chapter 6:1 Isaiah sees the Lord on the throne, high and lifted up. The same description is used in 52:13 to describe the Servant. And in John 12 we're told that Isaiah saw Jesus in his glory, the one who would be lifted up to draw all men to himself.

Jesus is the centre of all God's purposes in salvation and even glimpse of him is salvific, though those to whom Isaiah was sent, and to whom Jesus preached were mostly hardened as I should be... I need to catch a fresh sight of the one who alone can atone for my sin, the one lifted up to give life to the world. I desperately need to hear the gospel freshly each day.

Seeing the Lord enthroned, the powerful saviour who is the servant I'm reminded afresh that divine power is shown not in absolute power but in service - God's power isn't wielded but yielded, life-giving power as the Father raises his Son who came to serve us, power as Jesus is placed as head over the church to give life and fullness to us, power to bring us through death to resurrection life, to sit with the high and lifted up one, the one who is lifted up not as a symbol of power but in the greatest act of service to save people like me, unable to save myself, needing a Saviour.

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