Thursday, November 18, 2010

Generous Justice?

Exodus is a book about God fighting to set his firstborn son free from slavery under the tyranical serpent Pharaoh. Much of 'the law' he gives his liberated firstborn is about how to treat slaves and widows and foreigners. It's all stuff that protects and fights for the weak and the oppressed, just as God's salvation plan does for his people. This is God's kind of justice - that pleads the cause of those who can't stand up for themselves.

Exodus 21:2 secures freedom for those who are indebted, 21:22 protects pregnant women, 21:26-27 prevents those in debt from being abused, 21:33 protects the community from others recklessness etc. 

This is the mentality for God's people - a place where widows and orphans are protected and fought for. Imagine a community like that? Where else would you expect to find God living than with a people living like he does, like the God who comes and puts himself in the place of his people...  I'm told this is some of where Tim Keller goes in his latest book which I hope to obtain soon.

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