Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aren't Christians Just Ignoring Suffering

On Tuesday I spoke at Bristol University on the subject of Aren't Christians Ignoring Suffering.

I invited people to try on Christianity for 20mins, not as a complete answer to but to see how it would be to look at suffering from within Christianity, taking people into the story of Job and drawing out some lessons from that to say that ultimately Christianity's answer to suffering isn't a philosophy or an 'answer' but a person and a community. It's not a perfect response and there are many other ways to do it, this is a 'soft' answer that seeks to invite to encounter the God of compassion and comfort.

A good crowd came and there was some constructive Q&A after the talk relating to the origin and possible purpose of evil, and the role of Satan in suffering.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Aren't Christians Ignoring Suffering (Dave Bish) - 20mins

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