Friday, October 08, 2010

The New Wine of the Heart out of the Press of the Cross (Francis Quarles)

Christ the true vine, grape, cluster, on the cross
Trod the wine-press alone, unto the loss
Of blood and life. Draw thankful heart, and spare not:
Here's wine enough for all, save those that care not

Leave not thy Saviour now, whate'er thou dost
Doutbtful, distrustful heart;
Thy former pains and labours all are lost,
If now thou shalt depart
And faithlessly fall of at last from him,
Who, to redeem thee, spar'd nor life nor limb.

Shall he, that is thy cluster and thy vine,
Tread the wine-press alone,
Whilst thou stand'st looking on? Shall both the wine
And work be all his own?
See how he bends, crusht with the straiten'd scrue
Of that fierce wrath that to thy sins was due

Thy Saviour being prest to death, there ran
Out of his sacred wounds
That wine that maketh glad the heart of man
And all his foes confounds,
Yea, the full-flowing fountain's open stil
For all grace-thirsting hearts to drink their fill:

Thy Saviour hath begun this cup to thee
And thou must not refuse't
Press then thy sin-swoln sides, until they be
Empty, and fit to use't
Do not delay to come, when he doth call;
Nor fear to want, where there's enough for all

Thy bounteous Redeemer, in his blood,
Fills thee not wine alone
But likewise gives his flesh to be thy food
Which thou may'st make thine own
And feed on Him who hath himself revealed
The bread of life, by God the Father sealed.

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  1. If coffee be the drink of the third day, then wine must surely be the drink of the 8th.