Monday, October 11, 2010

Mike Reeves: How would knowing the love of God change our CU?

Dave Bish: What difference does the love of God make to a CU? (or local church...)
Mike Reeves: For a CU that doesn't understand the love it's going to have quite a sense of duty driving things. There will probably be a lot of pharisaism, a lot of legalism. A harshness, a judgementalism. People will be trying to climb up on each others failures. Offering a gospel of a system of salvation. Which isn't captivating their hearts. And the evangelistic message will be pretty loveless. People wont want to hear it. People wont want to proclaim it.

Flip it around and have a CU that understands the love of God. A very different world. People captivated by the love of Christ who simply desire to speak of him, no onerous duty. I long to speak of the Jesus I love. I don't want to climb on the failures of my brothers and sisters. Jesus loves them, I love them. You find a joyful delight in communicating the love of Christ rather than the harshness and sense of duty and grudgingness.
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