Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knocking on the door (Halloween & Reformation Day)

Richard Walker recommends James Jordan's take on Halloween - take the opportunity to laugh at evil in it's defeat as the gospel triumphs....  something similar to what a confident reformer might begin to celebrate since today is traditionally both All Hallow's Eve and Reformation Day, marking the day Luther nailed his second set of theses to a Wittenberg door. The 95 contended against Catholic abuses, the former 97 against doctrinal errors of Scholastic theology, a mixing of Christianity with Aristotle.

Richard Sibbes reflected on Luther's Reformation as a good thing but one that can quickly fade:
"For over 60 years (since the Reformation began) we have lived under the ministry of the gospel. This land has been Goshen, a land of light, when many other places are in darkness. The light shines in a more abundant measure. Ministers have been sent, and variety of gifts. There has been piping and mourning, as Christ complains in his time, that they were like froward children, that neither sweet piping nor doleful mourning .would move to be tractable to their fellows. ‘They had John, who came mourning,' Matt. 11:17, and Christ comforting with blessing in his mouth. For all the ministry of the gospel, how little room is given to Christ? Many are indifferent and lukewarm either way, but rather incline to the worst. What judgment will come! Let us labour to hold Christ, to entertain him. Let him have the best room in our souls, to dwell in our hearts. Let us give up the keys to him, and desire him to rule our understandings, to know nothing but him, and what may stand with his truth, not to yield to any error or corruption. "
Christ knocks at the door, open it.

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