Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beginning With Moses

Sean Green is taking Reading Family Church into a series called "Beginning with Moses", words describing Jesus' explaining of the gospel from the Old Testament. He introduces his series here.

For several years I've been part of a project called which exists to serve the church by gathering resources that show us how the Bible is Christian Scripture. We've recently rebooted the site and there is regular new content there. Paige Britton's Reaping the fruits of redemptive historical reading is a good introduction to this. As is this review of Graeme Goldsworthy's Preaching the whole Bible as Christian Scripture.

There are a lot of Bible Overview's on the market these days, the most recent one I read is Remaking a broken world, by Christopher Ash which follows the theme of church through the Bible.

It's readable and shows well how God is always gathering a people to himself, a great book if you want to see how church fits into God's purposes. He uses nine steps along the way from Eden to the new creation. If you've never read an overview before or you want to think more about the church this will be a good book to get.

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