Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super-instinctive Bible Reading

Instinct; A natural aptitude or knack; a predilection;
Super-instinct; A super-natural aptitude or knack; a predilection;

To see the gospel in the Scriptures is a super-instinct that comes from the Holy Spirit and by faith.

Those who believe Moses see that he wrote about Jesus (John 5:46), those in whose hearts the Spirit burns (Luke 24:32) see that the Scriptures are about Jesus and his gospel (v27, 45-48). Super-instinctive Bible reading ends with faith and worship and changed lives, without that there is only hardness of heart, idolatry and sin.

Some argue boldly today that the Scriptures are not all about the gospel of Christ. Jesus and the apostles, it is understood, were denied this insight when they showed that the whole volume reveals the gospel. When such rebellious people prevail it's no wonder that people don't want to read the Bible, they dull Spirit's sword and upset the faith of many. When the Spirit prevails and the gospel is seen to shine from every page of Scripture the church is secure and awakens.

Now, don't get me wrong - exactly how to rightly see Christ in the Scriptures isn't always easy, it's a matter of much super-sweat and super-tears in the preacher's study, and on the preacher's knees as the preacher wrestles to believe, to receive, and to enjoy Christ.


  1. lol.. that link with the quotation is hilarious!

  2. If only there were some more commentaries that would actually read the Old Testament more Christianly... fine to acknowledge the principle, but where are the ones that don't just read Exodus 12 Christianly but the rest of the book too. Etc.