Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spreading Goodness in Genesis

Two relationships dominate the Bible, and they're on screen within the first pages of the Bible. Sonship and Marriage, the shape of the spreading goodness of the Triune God.

Spreading Goodness and Sonship in Genesis 1
In Genesis 1 we see the Father, Son and Spirit creating spreading good form, light and fullness into a formless,dark and empty world. Day by day it's good as form comes through the cutting of darkness with light, through the separating of day and night, heavens and earth, land and sea. It is good. Form comes through heirarchy as the sun and moon are appointed to rule on behalf of God as the ages begin. It is good. Creatures appointed to fill the world - ultimately a man and a woman together. It is very good.

Everything that happens is good, flowing from God himself, and what God creates out of his love is then appointed to spread and multiply in goodness - they're to be fruitful and multiply, the man and woman are to have offspring - sons to fill the world, ruling under God. Sonship.

Spreading Goodness and Marriage in Genesis 2
In Genesis 2 the emphasis shifts as we see the man and a "not good" then provided with a bride. Marriage begins and is marked by unashamed intimacy, displaying the marriage of Christ and the church.

Spreading evil in Genesis 3-5
A perfect marriage until humanity commits spiritual adultery and all the freedom and life is lost. The man and his wife lose relationship with one another and with God. Their marriage is tainted and in need of redemption. Sonship is also perverted in Genesis 3. A son will triumph but another will strike at him. In Genesis 4 we see this battle in action as Cain strikes Abel, fatally and a substitute is born, Seth. As the world is filled with generation after generation death reigns and instead of goodness spreading the whole earth is filled with evil.

God is making himself known as he sets up the grammar of his gospel at the beginning of the world, leaving us crying out for new creation - for reformation, for the light of the world, for fullness in Christ.

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