Monday, September 27, 2010

Mike Reeves Video: Why do we need to know the love of God?

This is the second of four teaser videos for Transformission. Transformission is the annual one day conference hosted by UCCF in the South West, for the University & College Christian Unions, for all CU members and any friends of CUs who'd like to come and benefit from the day, stand with the Christian Unions in prayer. Join us and be transformed for mission.

We gather to have our hearts warmed by Christ as we prepare for another year of united mission on campus to make Jesus famous, in faith that God will save people and add them to the churches.


  1. Music at the end of the video:
    This was your design (Matt Giles) chords, lyrics & mp3 available from Matt Giles Music

  2. o i like that. grace without love becomes charity. how do we ruin it when the source material is so good? doctrine/worldview/false expectations can be so damaging.
    On that note, thanks for emphasising the bridegroom in mark 2 by the way - we had a classic case of mark 2 (grace/forgiveness) being wonderfully preached but woefully misunderstood at an international cafe this week due to precisely this sort of thing (someone's bad experience of RC church), and the bridegroom image really helped as we read on - we're meeting again this week.

  3. Obviously Jesus is primarily talking about how he will go away, but there were other ways he could have done that - and calling himself the bridegroom is such a rich image to choose Biblically, dripping with sweetness.