Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Antidotes to Chronological Snobbery

One of my staff team has confessed his sin online. As a Christian he's already a confessed sinner, but now he's adding chronological snobbery to the offences of his heart. CS Lewis coined the term and invited us to cure this form of progressive pride with the breeze of the centuries. If you'd like to feel that breeze then the latest Theology Network 'Table Talk' podcast will help:

 The Reformation: Mike Reeves chats with Mark Dever about the essential theology of the Reformation, how it is relevent to theology and Christian lives today, and how we can get some of the Reformation fire in our own hearts!

Also worth a look: Mark Dever is reading from Richard Sibbes sermons and commentary each week. Download.

And you can taste the Introduction of Richard Sibbes' The Matchless Love and In-being here, read by Dave Bish (10mins) - the sermon itself would be well over an hour - I'll record that soon. Until then you can read my modernised and lightly edited PDF of The Matchless Love & In-being (two sermons)

A chronological snob probably doesn't like the Bible and likes to think they're part of the first generation of real Christians since the New Testament. Couldn't be further from the truth, many have gone before us - and the Reformers and their heirs, like Richard Sibbes, are just some of the friends we'd benefit from spending time with.

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