Friday, September 24, 2010

The Life and Ministry of Richard Sibbes: Friendly with people and with God

Mark Dever comments...
"Sibbes's move from Cambridge to London in 1617 is likely explained by his talent for fostering friendships, combined with his obvious gifts as a preacher. Sibbes's skill at making and retaining friendships" (p214)
This seems consistent with the warmth of Richard Sibbes's gospel, a man as heart-felt and heart-warming would be inevitably friendly, someone you'd want to be with.

Sibbes was converted to Christ while a student at Cambridge, and Rev. Erasmus Middleton documents in his Evangelical Biography (1816):
"he became the happy instrument of bringing some souls to God, as also of edifying and building up others... His learning was mixed with much humility, whereby his was always ready to undervalue his own labours, though others judged them to breathe spirit and life, to be strong of heaven, speaking with authority and power to men's consciences. His care in his ministry was to lay a good foundation in the heads and hearts of his hearers... though he was a wise master builder... still taking all occasions to preach the fundamentals to them. His humility was less a wonder...finding how often his thoughts dwelt upon the humiliation of Christ...  Indeed he was thoroughly studied  in the holy Scriptures, which make a man of God, perfect, thoroughly furnished for every good work; and as became a faithful steward of the manifold grace of God, he endeavoured to teach it to others, and to store them with knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding. He was a man  that enjoyed much communion with God, and like John the Baptist, was a burning and shining light, wasting and spending himself to enlighten others. He was upon all occasions very charitable, drawing forth not only his purse in relieving, but his very bowels in commiserating, the wants and necessities of the poor members of Christ....  His sermons on Canticles 5 are so excellent... very profitable and excellent help... to kindle in the heart all heavenly affections towards Jesus Christ"


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