Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good affections: Where Richard Sibbes leads us

I've been blogging through some of Richard Sibbes works for a couple of months now, and there's a lot more to come. Helpful to catch the trajectory of this puritan hero, as shown in David Larsen's The Company of Preachers:
 "Sibbesians set their clocks not on preparatory disciplines but on (1) the direct experience of the Spirit's indwelling, 
(2) the joys of Christian fellowship 
and (3) the divine attribute of overflowing love.... "
Larsen also notes the 'Calvinism' of Sibbes but describes it 'as of a freer spirit, with a balanced view of experience and feeling' with a puritan biblicism and very high view of preaching. An early reformed charismatic then...

(charismatic in the experiential sense rather than continuation of gifts)


  1. Er... No, on account of his cessationism. I'm not sure you can annexe everything to do with experience/emotions to the charismatic cause - after all, the great authors on these things (Sibbes himself, and of course Edwards) were very firmly cessationist, and although there is a strand of non-charismatic evangelicalism which has been very anti-experience and anti-emotion, that certainly hasn't been the historical mainstream...

  2. Fair enough Dan! I guess charismatic is a broad category, and we've had that conversation here before!

    He's definietly in the experiential side of things but I'll grant that's not exclusive to the charismatic movement, and i guess we're talking more contrast to the anti-experience/emotional evangelicalism...