Sunday, August 22, 2010

Together at Westpoint

We've been at Westpoint this weekend with 1700 others from churches in the South and West area of Newfrontiers (roughly Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire plus some from Portugal & Spain). Churches in newfrontiers are essentially independent but they're also interdependent and operate under apostolic oversight - teams that establish foundations and serve the advance the church's mission with the gospel and through church planting. It's about family - a family on a mission. Plenty of fun, plenty of gospel.
"Even 4x4 volvo driving, caravan towing cat-owners from Winchester aren't beyond the grace of God" Matt Hosier

Terry Virgo: "Apostolic" vs. "Missional" from Jubilee Church on Vimeo.

This weekend many of us gathered to spend time together, to worship together (led by Evan Rogers and Matt Giles - some great new songs from them).

Brilliant to hear God's word preached by Guy Miller from Bournemouth, David Stroud who leads Newfrontiers in the UK. Parental responsibilities meant I missed one of David Stroud's session but I really appreciated his other session which was a Bible Overview, calling us to our part in God's story - to faith and courage. "My story is too small a story". There was a call to seek God but with a fresh reminder not to wait for a prophecy which may not come, but to be in the word of God, filled with the Spirit and getting going.
"And I will not hide my face anymore from them, when I pour out my Spirit upon the house of Israel, declares the Lord God" Ezekiel 39:29
Guy Miller spoke in the evenings from Exodus which I've been studying this summer - great to be stirred afresh by God's mission, centred upon the gospel. Exodus is getting in my blood and that great - such a defining book for our grasp of the gospel. Taking in the view.

I've left the conference refreshed by the gospel, knowing that my family is in Exeter for now, that we want to reach our city, that we want to build our church, and I feel more up for that than ever.

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