Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"So come on church!"

We sang some of Matt Giles' new songs at our regional church conference. They're derived from Ephesians after our summer preaching series. For your glory, This was your design and a brand new one:
Download acoustic mp3 for Our God is King 
Being led by someone like Matt is a real blessing to the church, both for his gifting as a musician and leader and because of the Biblically rich songs he providing to help us express our hearts to God.

OUR GOD IS KING (Matt Giles, 2010)
Arise and shine, we are the heirs of God,
Saved to share the riches of His love.
Open your eyes, we are His chosen ones,
He has qualifed us through His Son.

Keepers of His Word, Called to tell all powers that He reigns, He reigns.
Strengthened by His love, Called to tell the world that He saves, He saves.

Our God is King, forever King,
No power can overcome Him.
Invincible, Unstoppable,
His Kingdom always advancing.

Filled with His power, He can do more with us,
More than we can ask or can conceive.
Given to us, the power that conquered death
Working now in us who have believed.

So come on Church, what shall we say?
If God is for us, who can be against us?

We can proclaim Christ is our victory.
But if we have not love we're just a noise.
So come let us love, let us be hands and feet,
That others might be called into His joy.

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