Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Richard Sibbes Interview

Ron Frost and Mike Reeves share a table talk about Richard Sibbes. God's heart and ours - Table Talk at Theology Network. You can expect more of my favourite Puritan here in coming months, I plan to blog my way through some of his fabulous "Bowels Opened" sermon series.


  1. "bowels opened" - classic sermon series title!
    you might want to fix up your link - you have one too many h's at the start

  2. Thanks for the linky fix.

    Bowels as in the sense of heart/kidneys/seat-of-affections... but even the attached introduction says he was being a bit archaic in his language, the Sweet-Dropper had a sense of humour, and fwiw they are some seriously heart-awakening sermons, on the Song of Songs!

  3. Always pleasant to spend an hour listening to Aristotle being kicked up and down the room. ;o)